Go Whole-Hog in Casper, WY

Our meat distributor offers the freshest selection of meats in town

Ranch to Table is a family owned and operated meat distributor based in Casper, WY. We take care to raise our animals right and provide only the best cuts of beef, pork and turkey.

In addition to pickup options, we offer convenient pork, beef and turkey delivery services in the Casper, WY area. Contact us today to place an order.


There's something for everyone at Ranch to Table

Maybe your spouse loves a good steak, your kids are always asking for pork chops and you prefer turkey salads for lunch. You'll find a huge variety of fresh meat for sale at Ranch to Table. From whole beef to bacon strips, we have everything you need to satisfy your hungry family.

Do you have questions about our process or our products? Reach out to your trusted local meat distributor now.

3 good reasons to buy local meat

You may have heard your friends or neighbors talking about buying local. When you order local meat directly from a ranch, you can enjoy:


Lower prices, since the meat doesn't have to go through a middleman, like a grocery store.


Fresher meat, since the cuts don't have to be processed, packaged and preserved for long-distance shipping.


A stronger local economy, since supporting local businesses means your whole community can reap the benefits.

Ranch to Table is proud to provide our community with superior bulk beef, pork and turkey products. Call 307-337-8414 today to order local meat born and raised right here in Casper, WY.