Stock Your Freezer With the Freshest Bulk Beef in Casper, WY

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If you often prepare meals for large groups or you live in a family of meat-lovers, consider buying bulk beef from Ranch to Table of Casper, WY. Our beef is made from local Wyoming cows, finished and ready for you to freeze with zero wait time. Choose a quarter of beef for $850, half beef for $1,500 or whole beef for $3,000.

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Why should you buy in bulk?

Why should you buy in bulk?

When you buy bulk beef from us, you can:

  • Save money on expensive grocery store meat by cutting out the middle man and buying directly from the farmer.
  • Save time by keeping a supply of beef in your freezer. Plus, you'll always have a main meal ingredient on hand, cutting down on prep time.
  • Stay informed about where your meat came from, how it was raised and how your money is being used in the local economy.
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